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The Approved team specialises in approval pathway determination and has been doing so for many years.

With a streamlined approach to application preparation, lodging and management stages, our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach sees your development from initial project inception through to completion.

Strong relationships with Council and State Government agencies integrate with our proactive and pre-emptive approach to tackling and resolving issues early, enhancing our track record for delivering positive approvals.

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In NSW, numerous approval pathways are available: from exempt development to complex integrated development approval.

The Approved team specialises in all approval pathways required for the majority of small to medium size residential and commercial developments: Complying Development Certificate (CDC) or Development Application (DA) and Construction certificate (CC).

Approval Management

We manage the entire planning and approval process for you; all we need is your Architectural Plans.
Our planning specialists at Approved are experts at providing the correct reports and assessments for your approval type and Council area. We look after everything from helping you select the right approval pathway to completing the supporting documentation required for your approval type. Our in-house planning services include:


  • Accelerated Development Application
  • Approval Management
  • Approval Pathway Assessment
  • Attendance of Pre-Da Lodgement Meetings
  • Clause 4.6 Variation
  • Development Application Lodgement and Tracking
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Planning Consultation
  • Section 4.55 Modification Application
  • Site Inspection


  • Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE)
  • Consultancy Report
  • Exempt Development Letter
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Preliminary Planning Review
  • Preliminary Planning Assessment
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Acid Sulphate Soil Reports


  • Complying Development Certificate
  • Construction Certificate
  • BAL, BASIX & NatHERS Certificate
  • Bushfire Assessment Report
  • Driveway Application and Tree Removal
  • Surveys, Engineering and Geotechnical
  • Flood Certificate, Local Water and Mines Subsidence Endorsement
  • Government and Statutory Fees Coordination
  • Coordination of all external industry consultant reports

Assessments and Approval Pathways

From Feasibility and Approval Pathway Assessments, all the way through to getting you across the line with your approval - Approved is here to guide you through the process and provide you with the quickest and easiest approval for your development.

Feasibility Assessments

Not sure what you can build on your land? Feasibility Assessments provide an opportunity to determine if your proposed development would be permissible on your property.

An Approved Town Planner completes an assessment of your project against the relevant provisions of the current planning framework. The assessment evaluates and identifies the potential development hazards and the planning constraints, providing you with recommendations on how you could achieve compliance specific to your site.

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Approval Pathway Assessments

Not sure if you need approval through a Complying Development Certificate or Development Application? Approval Pathway Assessments combine the expertise of Certifiers and our Town Planners to provide an understanding of the best way forward and what will be required to obtain a fast, simple approval for your development.

After your pathway is determined, we manage the approval for you. We coordinate and lodge on your behalf, saving you time and ensuring your project gets approved the first time.

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Preliminary Planning Assessments

Preliminary Planning Assessments are an in-depth analysis of your project completed by one of our qualified town planners; this process will determine several critical factors in your application, along with any required changes to your development.

We will be able to identify your project's permissibility, locate any potential hazards or site constraints and provide recommendations to maximise the chances of approval from a compliance point of view.

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Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Approval Management

A Complying Development Certificate is a combined planning and construction approval that can cover many developments depending on local planning regulations. It is often available for clients who want to build a commercial development, a new single or two-storey home, renovate an existing home, or add a granny flat, garage or swimming pool. This pathway is a fast-tracked approval that does not require a Development Application at your local council.

Approved provides a holistic service in gaining a Complying Development Certificate approval. We compare your architectural plans to NSW Government’s Housing Code criteria and submit your application to a Private Certifier who compares them with the Building Code of Australia and provides the consent to start building.

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Development Application (DA) Approval Management

A Development Application is a formal application for development requiring assessment and development consent under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The NSW Government and local Councils have comprehensive and complex requirements for the lodgement of Development Applications.

Approved will assist you in preparing and submitting all necessary information, including supporting technical reports required by Council. We help you avoid costly time delays that can obstruct your development project by ensuring you get it right from the start.

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Construction Certificate (CC) Application Management

Once your development is approved, a Construction Certificate is required before the commencement of building works. Approved manages this for you by liaising with a Private Certifier on your behalf.

The Certifier assesses your approval to ensure compliance with the conditions of the development consent and the Building Code of Australia and issues your Construction Certificate.

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Approved has been amazing for my business. They provide all the support within the reporting and council sector so I can focus on developing my business and delivering the best quality work to my clients. I trust them with all of my work and can’t recommend them higher.

Matt Turner
Director of MT Design Collective

“Undertaking a Torrens Title Subdivision for dual occupancy was relatively complicated requiring a second DA application. I was informed at every stage and had access to Sarah for any and all questions which needed to be answered. I would highly recommend this company on account of their knowledge, professional and friendly manner and the complete service offered.”

Penelope R.