Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Approval Management

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Complying Developments are a quick and easy way to build

Applying for a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a well-known alternative to applying for a Development Approval (DA) through the local Council

This fast-track approval is for low-impact developments that meet the standard planning conditions, including:

  • New Homes 
  • Major Renovations
  • House extensions, alterations or additions
  • Sheds, pools and garden structures
  • Granny flats or secondary dwellings

Many Australians opt for Complying Development to avoid the sometimes cumbersome and expensive DA process. However, your project plans must meet all the conditions and requirements of the State environmental Planning Policies (SEPP) in order to have them approved.

Can you build using Complying Development, instead of a Development Approval?

In some instances, it is possible to have a set of building plans that almost meet Complying Development guidelines but could only get approval through the local Council in their existing state.

This is identified early with Approved using our Assessment Pathway process.

Often our clients choose to amend their current plans slightly and utilise the Complying Development pathway instead of going through a potentially long Council Approval Process.

Approved do all the juggling for you.

Approved provides a holistic service in gaining a Complying Development Certificate approval.

Our team manage the entire approval process, coordinating and submitting all the necessary information required for Complying Development approval, avoiding potentially costly time delays.

  • We engage a Private Certifier on your behalf to assess if your proposed development meets set parameters outlined by NSW Planning Guidelines.
  • We coordinate communication from the Certifier, who may request more information required to gain approval.
  • We coordinate all the supporting information for your approval, engaging other professionals if required.
  • We collate and submit this information for the certifier to complete their assessment and issue the approval.

Once the approval has been issued, and the Principal Certifier is appointed, you are free to start building your project!

A single point of contact for your Complying Development approval, supported by a team of experts.

There is only one person you need to contact about your approval.

Our Approved experts know how frustrating it can be to manage multiple sources of information and can increase the probability of getting approval, simply and easily.

Your dedicated Client Manager will coordinate your application every step of the way, keeping you updated on the status of your project throughout the process, saving you time and money. Our unique online portal also allows you to view the entire projects status at anytime.

Our team will help you get your development project off the ground quickly and efficiently with our expertise in all approval pathways, and can help you navigate the complex requirements of town planning regulations.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing that our team will take care of the approval process from start to finish is just one of the many benefits of working with us.

With our help, you can avoid costly delays and get your project moving faster.

You sit back relax, and get approved.

What we do streamlines the process of gaining approval, helping homeowners who want to renovate or improve their current property or build a new home.

Approved has an in-depth understanding of the planning regulations in New South Wales with our qualified team of Town Planners providing expert knowledge and guidance for all council areas.

This, coupled with our use of Accredited Certifiers, means that you can expect a quick turnaround time for your planning and building approval.  

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and attention to detail, and you can be assured that your project will be completed to the highest standard.

The Approved Portal  

With the Approved Portal, there is an approval professional nearby who can help with your dream project.

You will receive a dedicated Client Manager who will be the only point of contact you need to get your project across the line.  

Communicate with your Client Manager online, and know exactly where your approval is at anytime.

Our one-of-a-kind online portal will allow you to:  

  • Liaise with town planners through your Client Manager to ensure the perfect approval pathway for your project  
  • Keep track of every step of the process for your complying development approval
  • Improve your application determination time by providing quick communication every step of the way

All we need are your architectural plans

The best part of Approved is the simplicity.

All you have to do is provide us with your plans, and our expert team will handle the rest. Your dedicated Client Manager will coordinate your application every step of the way, keeping you updated on the status of your project throughout the process.

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