Streamlining Development Approvals: A Case Study in Kotara

Jun 2023

Accelerated Development Application Initiative in Action

Client: Occupy Design
Approval Time: 4 Days


Approved, serving as authorised consultants for the City of Newcastle's Accelerated Development Application (ADA) initiative, recently achieved an impressive milestone by securing approval for a contemporary residential development in Kotara within a remarkable four-day period.

The project encompassed the removal of an existing dwelling and the construction of an architecturally designed dwelling house, a swimming pool, and a two-storey rear garage and loft. This achievement highlights the successful collaboration between Approved and the City of Newcastle in expediting low-risk Development Applications (DA) through a fast-tracked approval pathway.

Project Description:

In the picturesque area of Kotara, our team embarked on an exciting residential development project. The scope involved demolishing an existing dwelling and replacing it with a thoughtfully designed dwelling house, complemented by a beautiful swimming pool and a two-storey rear garage and loft. Our focus was on streamlining the approval for the contemporary living space that perfectly aligned with the client's vision.

Application Process:

Our meticulous approach to the application process ensured a smooth journey toward approval. We began by carefully reviewing the application and the scope of works provided by our client.

By leveraging our expertise, we promptly identified the eligibility of the project for the ADA pathway, enabling us to expedite the approval process. Subsequently, we engaged in a detailed phone discussion with the client, addressing any queries or concerns and providing clarity on the eligibility criteria. The client made minor plan amendments, which we thoroughly reviewed to ensure compliance.

To gather comprehensive information about the site, we conducted a site visit, capturing photos and videos that served as valuable additions to our submission. As part of the streamlined process, the Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) is replaced with a meticulously prepared Authorised Consultant Planning Report.

This report encompassed all the necessary details and fulfilled the requirements of the ADA pathway's checklist. Once we had reviewed and finalised all documents, we proceeded with the submission through the planning portal.

Challenges and Solutions:

Throughout the application process, we encountered the challenge of aligning the client's expectations with the rigorous assessment process undertaken by the council. We dedicated ourselves to educating the client about the importance of accuracy and site-specific details in all the submitted documents and plans.

Fortunately, our participation in the trial period allowed us to gain invaluable experience and establish direct communication channels with the City of Newcastle. This enabled us to swiftly address any potential concerns and navigate the pathway with confidence, ensuring a successful outcome for our client.

Advice to the Client:

As part of the ADA pathway, we were committed to providing our client with comprehensive guidance and support. We offered expert advice on the various steps involved, including plan amendments and specific requirements for lodging the application.

Our aim was to empower our client with a clear understanding of the pathway, enabling them to actively participate in the process. We assured our client of our unwavering support throughout the journey, ensuring a seamless application experience.

Approval Time:

Thanks to the collaborative efforts between our Client, Approved and the City of Newcastle, we achieved an extraordinary feat of obtaining approval for the Kotara development within an impressive four-day period.

This remarkable approval time demonstrates the effectiveness of the ADA initiative in streamlining the approval process for low-risk development types. It exemplifies the significant benefits of a harmonious collaboration between authorised consultants and local government authorities.

Approved's involvement in the ADA initiative facilitated the swift approval of a contemporary residential development in Kotara.

By leveraging our expertise and fostering close collaboration with our clients and professional consultants, we successfully identified the project's eligibility for the ADA pathway and navigated the application process with efficiency and professionalism.

This case study serves as a testament to the efficacy of the ADA initiative in expediting development approvals while maintaining the highest standards of compliance with regulations and industry best practices.

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